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Vittoria Ultra Light Speed TPU Tube 700 x 25-30mm

Vittoria Ultra Light Speed TPU Tube 700 x 25-30mm

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The fastest and lightest. Made for pure speed
Ultra Light Speed inner tubes are made for pure speed. Designed to offer the lowest rolling resistance possible, Ultra Light Speed are the fastest and lightest tubes ever developed by Vittoria. They are 70% lighter and 14% faster than standard butyl tubes. They are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which offers lower rolling resistance and lightweight compared to standard butyl inner tubes.

By using Ultra Light Speed tubes in both tires, you can save up to 160 g. That’s why Ultra Light Speed are the perfect choice for road cyclists that want the highest speed without giving up the practicality and ease of use of a tube tire set-up. Given their lightness, they require extra care during the mounting process. The plastic material they are made of is subject to heat shock.

In fact, they are compatible with disc brake wheels only, as the heat generated by brake pads at the rim level can deteriorate the inner tubes. The Ultra Light Speed tubes feature a red, Vittoria-branded, extensible valve with removable core. The packaging also contains a repairing patch and a cleaning cloth. Made in Germany, the TPU material of Ultra Light Speed tubes is 100% recyclable – the valve must be cut off from the tube before disposal.

TPU inner tubes
- Compatible with disc brake wheels only
- Ultra fast: designed to offer the lowest rolling resistance possible
- Ultra light: 30 g only

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