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Smoove PREP

Smoove PREP

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SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube now has a partner, SMOOVE PREP Chain Cleaner.

You asked and we listened, now, after months of behind the scenes testing and development, we are proud to announce the launch of SMOOVE PREP. Think of SMOOVE PREP as the conditioner to your shampoo, the milk in your coffee, the seat on your seat post, ok, you get the idea!

We developed SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube to be the longest lasting chain lubricant available and it is but every now and then, your drivetrain needs some proper cleaning and this is where SMOOVE PREP comes in. SMOOVE PREP was developed with special stuff (read: lots of technical polymer science stuff) that is specifically formulated to clean, dissolve and neutralize SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube in just two easy steps. (The fresh natural citrus smell is part of the magic active ingredients our secret!)

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