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About us

Cyclespeed was originally opened in late 2004 by Carl Pavey and Andrew Jones. Over the last 12 years the store has moved two doors up and has changed owners but the core of the store remains the same: Triathlon, Colnago, Workshop.

Being the smallest bike shop in the smallest suburb in Victoria has its advantages in that there's only room for two staff: Chris & Asher. 


Chris is the store owner and has spent a while in the industry.  Before taking on Cyclespeed Chris worked with some of the most well known brands in the Australian bike industry so if you have questions about ENVE Composites or SRAM then Chris is the guy to ask.  Road, Track & Cyclocross is where Chris has a history but ask him about which 70.3 he's looking at: it keeps changing.  A Gardenvale local, Chris thinks he's found the balance between work, riding and family. Chris is not half as serious as his photo makes out.



Asher has been part of Cyclespeed since 2007 and in between final year engineering requirements and running the store also has had time to amass a considerable Colnago collection.  Two time walk-up-start Ironman Asher tells it like it is & that's a good thing. Mostly.  There was also that time he rode across Vietnam on a track bike...